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Our mission is to provide economic benefit to Nova Scotia’s businesses, people, communities through use and promotion of Gaelic culture and language.

A Unique Cultural Asset for Business

Gaels worldwide represent a distinct and significant economic presence as individuals, and in communities and businesses. Nova Scotia, known for its strong Gaelic heritage and enduring cultural and linguistic practices, has a unique opportunity to promote its "Gaelic Brand" as a catalyst for both community development and business expansion. Through the Gaelic Business Initiative pilot project, businesses and organizations can harness the advantages of incorporating Gaelic culture and language into their operations.

The GBI is a not-for-profit initiative that provides:

  • - Support for businesses to integrate Gaelic culture and language.
  • - Access to traditional and digital marketing and promotional opportunities.
  • - Linkages and collaborations with Gaelic businesses, community organizations and other groups.
  • - Support with hiring and retention strategies.
  • - Opportunities for export nationally and internationally.

Using and promoting Gaelic culture and language can provide many benefits to businesses and communities including:

Standing out from competitors

Incorporating Gaelic culture and language into your business practices can help you differentiate your business. Is fhearr seoladh na obair throm - Better strategy than overworking.

Growing existing and reaching new markets

Connections in the Gaelic business community and projects within the GBI can help you grow your market locally, nationally and internationally.

Attracting customers

Both locals and visitors are interested in experiencing unique and authentic Gaelic culture and language experiences.

Encouraging learning and use of the language

Increase the number of learners and users of the language by creating interest and language refuges for learners and fluent speakers alike.

Creating & enhancing cultural awareness

Introducing Gaelic culture and language into businesses enhances exposure, garners interest and shows that the culture and language can be assets.

Enhancing customer & employee experience

By supporting Gaelic culture and language you can connect with customers or employees on a deeper level and show that you value their identity.

What's with the salmon? Dè is ciall dhan bhradan?

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Get Involved | Gabhaibh an sàs

Signage & Marketing

Incorporate aspects of Gaelic culture and language in your marketing and advertising materials to help differentiate your business and attract customers.

Host & Support Events

Work with GBI to host and support Gaelic cultural events like cèilidhs, music sessions, storytelling, poetry readings or conversational groups.

Offer Encouragement or Incentives for Language Use

As examples, encouraging use of the language when ordering food by providing English and Gaelic menus or offering incentives like $1 off when you order in Gaelic.

Offer Community and Learning as a Workplace Benefit

Develop or redefine your workplace culture around Gaelic cultural values including hospitality, stewardship, inclusion, and oral-traditions like storytelling. Hire Gaelic-speaking employees or encourage employees to learn Gaelic and use the language in business activities.

Develop Organizational and Community Partnerships

Partner with Gaelic language organizations to support their initiatives and promote Gaelic within your community. Sponsor or support local Gaelic cultural events, such as music festivals or Highland Games, to increase your business's visibility in the community.

Collaborate with Like-Minded Businesses

Collaborate with businesses in Nova Scotia, nationally and internationally to create unique value and help enhance cultural and language ties.

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We've partnered with key Gaelic and business community organizations to help us deliver on our mission.

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